Bitcoin Evolution Review

bitcoin-evolution-logo-200x80Bitcoin Evolution is an investment robot that is said to assist traders with making good money on a daily basis. It achieves that by tapping into the inexhaustible and lucrative cryptocurrency market.

The system is said to be able to generate thousands on a daily basis through a starting investment as little as $250. It does that by analyzing the cryptocurrency markets and by automatically executing trades when conditions are favorable.

The creators of Bitcoin Evolution claim all of that is possible because of the powerful algorithms that make it work. The following article will cover all important aspects of the trading bot.

Tons of rigorous research has been carried out in order to reveal the truth about the Bitcoin Evolution trader. Here you’ll find the most significant details about it, and how you can make it work for you.



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Is Bitcoin Evolution Legit?

That’s probably the most important question to concern yourself with. Bitcoin Evolution has been carefully evaluated on multiple occasions and by numerous people. The predominant results are overwhelmingly positive, and so is the feedback from investors.

That’s a reason to believe it is a legitimate trading app. And so is the existence of an actual algorithm that makes it run. Here you can also rely on several crucial things:

  • the platform is encrypted ensuring the security of your data;
  • the technology it runs on does exist and is sophisticated;
  • you can receive dedicated customer support;
  • the overall feedback is highly positive.

These are factors against which the legitimacy of any investment system is tested. And so was that of Bitcoin Evolution tested to reach the conclusion that it is not a scam.

Is Bitcoin Evolution Genuine? The Verdict!

  1. 👉To sign up for the robot is completely free-of-charge.
  2. 👉An actual trading algorithm powers the Bitcoin Evolution software.
  3. 👉You can quickly open a free trading account and even start with demo trading.
  4. 👉If you want to start placing trades today, click here and register.


What Is Bitcoin Evolution in Short?

This is an investment software aimed at being useful for ordinary people who want to start trading online. It’s developed by a team of investment experts with the sole purpose of being user-friendly and efficient.

Its efficiency comes from the fact that it works as a solution that solves the volatility problem characteristic of the cryptocurrency field.

As you well remember, upon its release Bitcoin didn’t cost a thing. Fast-forward to 8 years later, it almost hit $20,000 for a single coin. We can confirm that the cryptocurrency turned many people rich overnight during that period.

A severe crash in prices followed soon after that. When people thought the price would keep rising and held on to their coins, smarter investors sold their Bitcoins for cash and crashed the markets. Many were caught unawares, losing thousands of dollars in the process.

This is where the concept of the Bitcoin Evolution trading system comes into play. It does several extremely useful things:

#1 monitors the markets 24/7;

#2 analyzes market news, movements, and events in real-time;

#3 forecasts the indicators for the potential market shift and response;

#4 takes a beneficial position before the markets move against you.

It accepts traders from multiple countries, but there are some restrictions. You can find out if they accept investors from your location by simply visiting their website.

Who’s Behind the Bitcoin Evolution?

In tune with the creator of Bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto, the developers of the system are also keeping their anonymity a top priority. In order to ensure their own privacy, their names haven’t been disclosed.

What is known about them is that they are a team with a track record in trading, investments, and blockchain technology. Their experience ranges from financial markets to software engineering.

Some have argued that such a degree of anonymity is dubious. The same people have claimed that Bitcoin Evolution is a scam for that reason.  In reality, financial innovations and the trading field are a volatile industry in general. The lack of names protects the creators but is no reason for concern. It is understandable and has no relation to the results.

What’s related to your results is the quality of the trading bot. Bitcoin Evolution has managed to establish itself as a reputable cryptocurrency trading tool, and research suggests it’s worthy of trust.

How Does Bitcoin Evolution Work?

Developers of the Bitcoin Evolution trading robot have ensured that people at every level of experience will be able to make use of the system. The secret is in the powerful algorithm that makes it run:

  • The system works continuously in the background, without interruption, unless you disconnect it from the Internet.
  • It monitors the markets, gathers data, analyses it, and acts accordingly before the markets move against you. The claimed success rate ranges between 88% and 97%, depending on the volatility conditions.
  • Bitcoin Evolution makes highly-accurate forecasts and either places a trade or issues a signal that indicates the actions you need to take manually if you’ve chosen a manual mode of trading.
  • The success rate indicates the system would win 9 out of 10 trades when market conditions are favorable. That’s a huge percentage of wins, that has been reported by some users.


There are rumors around the web that claim Bitcoin Evolution makes unreasonable promises and is a scam because it loses trades. Keep in mind that trading online in any way and form carries risk.

How sharp and quick the markets might react and change directions of trends depends on several factors including the assets you trade, the current global economic state, news and events that influence asset prices. There isn’t a system that can be right 100% of the time. That doesn’t make Bitcoin Evolution a scam, it makes it an efficient tool.

Opening a Bitcoin Evolution Account – Step-by-Step Guide

Joining the Bitcoin Evolution robot is a 4-step process similar to that of most investment solutions out there. Any of the popular trading robots would require you to go through such a process before you can place your first trade.

It is quick, straightforward, and can get you trading by the end of the day. And everything is free-of-charge. The steps include filling out a form, verifying your account, and funding it.

Let’s look at the 4 steps in more details:

  • Step 1: Register

As we said, opening a Bitcoin Evolution account is free. There are no hidden charges or fees involved. Click here to reach the registration form. Simply fill it out with your basic details. These include name, email, and phone number. And you’re good to go.


Make sure you enter a valid email address because that’s where you’ll receive a confirmation email to verify your account. To enter a real phone number is also important. That’s how your personal account manager will be able to communicate with you.

  • Step 2: Account Verification

Follow the link in your confirmation email to verify your account. Your new account will be linked with a top trusted broker. That ensures you’ll gain access to assets for investment.


Once your account is linked to a secure broker, you’ll be prompted to make a deposit. That’s the investment capital you’ll need to start making trades.

  • Step 3: The Deposit

When you choose to make a deposit, simply click the Deposit button on the robot’s dashboard. You’ll be taken to a secure page. That’s where you can choose a deposit method and the amount you want to deposit.

Among the methods you’ll see available are:

  • Credit Cards;
  • Debit Cards;
  • e-Money Transfer Services.


What deposit options the integrated broker accepts might vary. You get a broker assigned according to your region, whichever works best where you are located. The payment options will vary, as well, for the same reason.

What you must remember is that even though the maximum deposit you can make might vary, you’ll have to place a minimum deposit of $250 to be able to trade.

That’s the required minimum across the industry, so no surprises here. We have to emphasize that’s not a payment. Those are investment funds. You need them in order to place your first trades.

You are free to deposit more, up to the method-eligible maximum. We advise you to start with the minimum, grow your balance, master the system, and then deposit more.

  • Step 4: Account Settings

The last thing is to make a few settings through the Bitcoin Evolution dashboard so that the robot can start trading. Don’t worry, there’s nothing complicated. If you prefer, you can reach out to your account manager for help. But the system is so user-friendly, complete novices can do it.


The main settings include:

  • Preferred assets – you can choose from the huge variety available through Bitcoin Evolution both mainstream assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum and more exotic ones. Indicate which you want to be invested in.
  • Investment Per Trade – pretty self-explanatory, this is where you determine the amount of money you want to be invested in each trade.
  • Stop-loss Limit – as we mentioned, even this robot can’t be 100% correct all of the time, despite its powerful technology. Indicate a stop-loss limit. The Bitcoin Evolution will stop trading immediately if it reaches it.
  • Daily Number of Trades – the robot can run continuously, reinvesting your profits, or you can indicate it to stop once a certain number of trades have been placed.

These are very simple settings that can happen with a couple of clicks. After that, you’re ready to begin with your investments. Do it manually or start the autopilot. It’s in place for the benefit of complete beginners, but according to research, it’s also the preferred method for investments.

NOTE: By starting with a Demo Account, you can avoid unnecessary risks. You can access it upon registration and test the whole range of the bot’s features. 100% the experience, 0% the risks. Invest real money once you’ve mastered the Bitcoin Evolution demo trading. Click here to start with a demo account.

Advantages of the Bitcoin Evolution Trading Software

Bitcoin Evolution is believed to be so popular among online traders not just because of the high-efficiency. It possesses all the important aspects required of a top investment tool, and these include:

  1. 👉Actual Investment Algorithms – this is what makes the software tick and highly accurate. There are real algorithms making it run, removing any doubt that this robot might be a scam.
  2. 👉Demo Trading Account – as we mentioned, you can start with a Bitcoin Evolution demo account that will allow you to master the system before investing real money.
  3. 👉Secure Trading Platform – Bitcoin Evolution is an encrypted platform ensuring the security of your personal information and financial transactions.
  4. 👉A Wide Variety of Payment Options – you can choose the best method to deposit and withdraw according to your needs with ease, thanks to the wide variety of methods accepted.
  5. 👉Exclusive Community – you gain access to an exclusive members’ area where you can communicate and share the experience with other investors.
  6. 👉24/7 Customer Support – there’s nothing more important than having a team to assist you with anything. You’ll get professional and swift help with the Bitcoin Evolution and have access to a personal account manager.

And these are just a few of the benefits people report about this software and why it’s worth trading cryptocurrencies with it.

Full Bitcoin Evolution Ratings

Bitcoin Evolution

Name: Bitcoin Evolution

Description: Bitcoin Evolution is an investment robot that is said to assist traders with making good money on a daily basis. It achieves that by tapping into the inexhaustible and lucrative cryptocurrency market.

Application Category: Online Trading

  • Ease-of-Use
  • Demo
  • Support
  • Features


Bitcoin Evolution seems to provide you with one of the best opportunities to start trading online. Begin with a demo to master the system, testing 100% of its capabilities, and then invest real money to start making real profits. Start with as little as $250 initial deposit and build an account balance worth of envy through smart automated trades and re-investment of profits.


  • State-of-the-art technology;
  • Completely browser-based;
  • Real algorithms run the platform;
  • You can start with a demo account;
  • It is free-of-charge to open an account and trade;
  • Offers an automated-trading option;
  • It’s easy to use and navigate;
  • Accepts a standard minimum deposit of $250;
  • You can begin immediately;
  • Your account is linked to a trusted broker;
  • You gain access to hundreds of profitable assets;
  • Offers swift withdrawals & multiple payment methods;
  • Support is available 24/7.


  • Requires a stable Internet connection;
  • Doesn’t have an app but can run on a mobile browser;
  • Needs some getting-used-to.

3 More Reasons to Trade With Bitcoin Evolution

  • 🥇The reported accuracy rate is high, ranging between 85% and 97%.
  • 🥈The minimum required deposit is the industry standard of $250.
  • 🥉You’ll be linked to a trusted and secure broker.

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Who Is Bitcoin Evolution Suitable For?

According to research, Bitcoin Evolution enables both professionals and novices to trade cryptocurrencies online. It is user-friendly and highly efficient, making it one of the easiest to use trading robots out there.

You can adjust your account with a couple of clicks or reach out to your account manager if you need help. The interface is intuitive and simple to navigate. Given its ability to monitor the markets 24/7 and automatically analyze received data in real-time, you don’t need previous experience or knowledge to join.

The only real requirement is to have a real interest in trading cryptocurrencies online. Everything else, by the looks of it, is taken care of by the trading algorithms of Bitcoin Evolution.

Bitcoin Evolution Price Tag

There are two important things to note here:

  1. You can open a FREE account.

  2. You can start with a demo mode, without investing money.

In other words, it costs nothing to use the Bitcoin Evolution crypto-trading software. Even when you make your first deposit, you’re not making a payment. That’s investment money only you can use depending on your investment plans.

That’s one of the biggest benefits of trading systems like this one – it doesn’t cost a thing to join a profitable industry that allows you to make money from trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other assets to your liking.


The Media & Bitcoin Evolution

If you follow the online cryptocurrency trading industry as close as we do, you’ve probably come across some very exciting rumors linking Bitcoin Evolution to popular media and various TV shows.

But they are just rumors, from what our research managed to discover. There are no recorded Bitcoin Evolution This Morning appearances or ones on Shark Tank and Dragons Den. Although these are investment-themed shows, they haven’t featured the software.

The creators of Bitcoin Evolution, as we discussed, avoid public appearances for privacy reasons and are not associated with live TV or popular media outlets.

Bitcoin Evolution & Celebrity Endorsements

Other favorite rumors used by unethical marketers include celebrity association. The team of Bitcoin Evolution has distanced itself from such rumors. They are detrimental to the reputation of this app. We thought it fitting to look at some of the most popular figures used unjustly.

bill-gates-bitcoin-evolutionBill Gates

Being an entrepreneur has defined one thing for Bill Gates – he’ll always be there to invest and seek out innovations, including in the financial markets. He’s been very vocal about the implications of blockchain and Bitcoin for the future of financial systems around the globe, leading up to an expected evolution in this field. There aren’t recorded Bitcoin Evolution Bill Gates comments to date, regarding the app specifically.

elon-musk-bitcoin-evolutionElon Musk

Elon Musk is probably the most famous innovator of our age. He’s known for his work on electric cars, transport innovations, space travel, and so on. There is no evidence whether he’s dabbled with kind of investment software. That’s why we cannot confirm any of the Bitcoin Evolution Elon Musk-related rumors out there. They are most likely just that – rumors.

lionel-messi-bitcoin-evolutionLionel Messi

Messi has a huge following online and he’s been using it to endorse various projects, products, and opportunities. He’s even become an ambassador for a tech company developing blockchain-based operating systems for smartphones. We can confirm that’s the only Bitcoin evolution Lionel Messi has participated in, and whether or not the merits of the software have come into his sights we cannot say for sure.

johnny-depp-bitcoin-evolutionJohnny Depp

The actor and investor is known to have collaborated with a cryptocurrency entertainment platform. There you can receive a new coin and use it to view and enjoy various forms of arts. As a result, you’ll participate in the development of the platform. But that’s not the Bitcoin Evolution. Johnny Depp is not known to have even heard of the software despite it being an Internet phenomenon.



Is Bitcoin Evolution a Scam?

Bitcoin Evolutions is a trading app that invests in cryptocurrency assets. Some dissatisfied users claim it is a scam. You can see the results from our investigation on the matter in the review.

Do I Have to Make a Payment to Use It?

Opening a Bitcoin Evolution account is free-of-charge. You're required to make a minimum deposit to trade with real money, but that's not a fee, this investment capital belongs only to you.

Do I Need Previous Experience to Use It?

No previous experience with crypto-trading is required. Bitcoin Evolution is user-friendly and optimized to run on autopilot, autonomously applying already developed strategies.

How Can I Sign Up for Bitcoin Evolution?

It is a 4-step process and is 100% Free. Read our review to get more insights on the best way to start with it.

Is There a Minimum Deposit Required?

Bitcoin Evolution requires a standard minimum deposit of $250. You can directly make it or start with an empty demo account to master the system first.



Bitcoin Evolution is a Legit Trading Solution! Bitcoin Evolution seems to provide you with one of the best opportunities to start trading online. Begin with a demo to master the system, testing 100% of its capabilities, and then invest real money to start making real profits. Start with as little as $250 initial deposit and build an account balance worth of envy through smart automated trades and re-investment of profits.

Detailed investigation suggests that the predominant results are positive and a negative experience can be avoided through the automation algorithms and reasonable investments. It is free to use and integrated with the best online brokers. That being said, there are no obstacles for you to give it a try if you’re serious about trading cryptocurrencies online.